Laser equipment for marking, engraving, and cutting

<span>Laser equipment</span> for marking, engraving, and cutting

The best solutions for both small and large businesses

The best solutions for both <span>small</span> and <span>large</span> businesses

One of the best and most trusted brands in the world

One of the <span>best</span> and <span>most trusted</span> brands in the world


co2 f30a

Online laser marking system
  • High speed galvanometer scann
  • American CO2 RF laser tube
  • Adjustable positioning - 360°revolving 

Flying Marker is a new product developed by Gbos Laser for non-metallic materials marking in industries like electronic, medical, tobacco, packaging, byproduct etc. It integrates laser technology, accurate mechanism, electronic technology and computer applications. Equipped with USA CO2 radiofrequency laser tube, this laser marking machine is known for high transition rate of electricity and optic, stable and long working life span. Compared with traditional ink jet, CO2-F30 has the advantages of high efficiency, convenience, zero consumption, non-toxic and contamination-free. Also it is compatible with pipeline worktable made by our company or the manufacturers own.

Applications & materials

Costume accessories, food and drink packaging, leather, rubber, crafts, textiles, electronic parts, nameplates, construction ceramic, pharmaceutical packaging.

Laser Power ≤30W
Laser Type RF CO2 Laser Generator
Processing Area (mm) 120×120
Gross Power 1.5KW
Main control case:430mmX376mmX885mm Ascending stage:380mmx330mmx1170mm Main
System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7
AI ,
Content Output text,pattern
Output Stability ±5%
Character Support all kinds of TTF fonts and some simple single line fonts
Character Height 0.5-5mm
Minimum Line Width 0.15mm
Max Manufacturing Line Speed 80m/min
Marking Character Per Second 500/s
Mark Lines 1-10 Lines
Focus Lens 245mm
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

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