Make engraving/cutting work possible at home or in office
  • High precision
  • Fast speed 
  • Mini size
  • Low consumption                             
  • Dust-free & little noise
  • Gross power 800W

MINI laser engraving cutting machine with finely integrated structure for easy operation, small occupation area, contamination free. Compact laser path design makes the machine works stably with high standard of configuration, high engraving & cutting precision, Less waste, smooth cutting edge. The best choice of laser engraving & cutting application for mini factory, workshop, development center etc.

Honeycomb working table
Reduce the reflecting laser from table to work piece, so that can protect the back of material away from damage.

Precise blowing system:
When engraving and cutting, the air compressor transmits the air to the working table, helps to avoid any burning, achieve a perfect working effect.

Floor type frame:
Mini machine with floor type frame supporting system, fixed the cooling and blowing system inside frame, greatly reduced occupied space, convenient mobility.

Software and control system:
Powerful function and easy operation

The software combined CDR vector graph function, can output directly after design and parameter setting finished. 

New generation control system with power-off memory function, so no need worry the waste of unfinished work piece.

3.6inch LCD screen shows all the working condition and parameter, available adjust freely.

Also you can transmit the data to control system with multi method. (U DISK/PC/INTERNET)

Application field:
Arts and crafts, advertising, electronics, mould, decoration, packaging & printing, textile, leather, etc.

Applicable materials
Acrylic, rubber, plastic, paper, epoxy resin, crystal, jade, bamboo, wooden ware, fabric, leather, and other kinds of non-metallic materials.

Laser Power ≤35W
Laser Type Glass CO2 Laser Tube
Processing Area (mm) 458×305
Gross Power 0.8KW
System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7
AI ,
Weight(kg)  120KG
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%