Лазерные машины для резки и гравировки

Лазерные <span>машины</span> для резки и гравировки

Лучшие решения для малого и крупного бизнеса

<span>Лучшие решения</span> для малого и крупного бизнеса

Один из самых лучших и надежных брендов в лазерной технологии

Один из самых <span>лучших</span> и <span>надежных </span>брендов в лазерной технологии


Ultra Violet Laser Marking Machine
  • UV laser series models inherit the advantages on the previous solid state marking machine, with super high speed marking method;
  • Stable and reliable performance;
  • low running and maintenance cost, widely application;
  • adopt with the high precision side pump 355nm UV laser generator, ensures the high quality laser beam and focus light spot, provide you the flawless marking result, achieve to the high standard slight marking;
  • also the extreme heat affected area is the best solution of thermal deformation,burns etc, the first choice for high end customer.

Machine advantages
1.UV laser generator is the cold light source, the thermal affected is very week during the laser cutting and marking, very suitable for the sensitive material.

2.UV laser with narrow pulse width and higher peak power, easy to laser on the high damage threshold material, very suitable for process the Polymer materials which with high requirement of damage threshold.

3.The minimum final focus laser light spot can be 15um; it’s the ideal processing for micro drilling.

Laser process principle

Laser marking machine works by focusing the high energy density laser beam onto the material surface, to melt or vaporize or discolor the surface and finally achieve the pictures or characters marking effect.

Applicable industries

Consumer electronic products、 mobile phone parts, LCD screen bar code and Logo,ceramic,sapphire slice,FPC soft PCB mic-ropore drilling,biomedical glass groove.

Suitable materials

Metal and many kinds of non-metal material,ceramic,sapphire,glass,transparent polymer material、plastic.

Machine Character:

1. With Europe and America imported semiconductor laser pump, three times frequency multiplier output 355nm wavelength laser from the optical resonant cavity, high electro-optical conversion efficiency of high quality beam TEM100 mode.

2. UV laser is cold light source, low heat affected, suitable for extreme high precision process.

3. Imported scan mirror, ensures the fast marking speed, micro-cutting and drilling.

4. Very high peak power and minimal thermal effect affected, suitable for drilling or cutting on the material like alumina、zirconia,and so on.

5. Guarantee 20,000 hours for the laser generator. No consuming parts, low running cost and power, energy-efficient.

6. Integrated modularization design, easy maintenance, small and exquisite.

7. ROHS standard, environmental protection.

8. Software support many different format DXF, PLT, BMF, AI, JPG …,automatically serial number, production number, bar-code, two-dimension code.

Laser Power ≤3W
Laser Style Wave Length Nd:Yvo4/355nm
Laser Lource Semiconductor 808nm Diode Pump
Processing Area (mm) 110×110mm 180×180mm(Optional)
Gross Power 0.8KW
System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7
AI ,
Weight(kg)  120KG
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

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