ZS Series CO2 Laser Tube


EFR spent 3 years developing the ZS series CO_2 laser tube and formally put it into production in May of 2011. This laser part for laser machine is equipped with US II-IV branded optics, and a discharge tube imported from Germany. Its service life has been significantly extended, up to 10,000 hours due to the discharge tube being electroplated with a catalyst.

Our reinforced laser tube for industrial use features a stable property and a maximum power up to 180W. When compared to ordinary laser tubes, the CO2 laser tube is more compact in size, has a better beam mode, a smaller light spot and a faster cutting speed.


Model Length (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Output Power (W) Maximum Power
Operating Current (mA) Catalyst
ZS-1250 1,250 ±20 Ø80 ±2 80 95 26 Yes
ZS-1450 1,450 ±20 Ø80 ±2 100 120 28 Yes
ZS-1650 1,650 ±20 Ø80 ±2 130 150 30 Yes
ZS-1850 1,850 ±20 Ø80 ±2 150 180 30 Yes



Stable Quality: We import glass tubing from Germany to produce the discharge tube and carry out strict quality control during the firing process.

High power: Configured with US II-VI brand fully reflecting mirror and windows, the CO2 laser tube has a maximum power up to 180W, which is 40% higher than that of ordinary laser tubes of the same length.

Long Service Life: As the discharge tube is electroplated by a catalyst and has electrode that have been treated, the CO2 laser tube can generate a more stable discharge and has a service life up to 10,000 hours. This laser consumable can also maintain an enhanced performance under long-term working conditions.

Great Beam Mode: The 180W CO2 laser tube has an adjustable optical cavity, a high quality laser beam, and stable laser power. Its beam mode can achieve TEM00. Our laser tube has a high cost to performance ratio, and is ideal for industrial applications.

Precision Spare Parts: The adjustable metal heads and other critical parts are processed by Japanese machining center, which makes sure all the parts come with high precision and meet industrial standards.

Performance and Application: Carbon dioxide laser tubes are an indispensable part to optical processing machinery, such as laser equipment, including laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines,
laser marking machines and more.

With a high power, reliable stability, small light spot, and a long service life, our CO2 laser tube is a laser equipment accessory widely applicable to laser cutting, engraving and marking on leather products,
clothes, paper, labels, and other materials in the advertising industry, packaging industry, clothing industry, craftwork processing industry, decorative building material industry and more.

Cutting: The ZS1250 and ZS1450 CO_2 laser cutting tubes are excellent laser cutting machine accessories, and can be applied to cutting different materials used in advertising, exhibitions, decoration,
clothing, leather ware and more, as well as meeting different processing requirements.

Engraving: The ZS1250 and ZS1450 CO_2 laser tubes are an ideal laser engraving machine accessory, and can achieve a high frequency pulse engraving, under preionization conditions.

Operating Condition
Water cooling:
Cooling liquid: clean water;
Flow rate: 3-5L/min. (ZS-1250 CO2 laser tube has the flow rate of  2-5L/min.); Standard water temperature: 10℃-40℃
Ambient: temperature: 2℃ -40℃; humidity: 10-60%

Operating Current

Model Input Current Max. Operating Current Max. Current in long-term
Service Life Matched EFR Power Supply Triggering
ZS-1250 29mA 29mA and below 27mA and below 8,000 hours (operating
current ≤ 25mA)
PS-N80 19KV
ZS-1450 30mA      28mA and below 28mA and below 10,000 hours (operating
current ≤ 26mA)
PS-N100 24KV
ZS-1650 30mA      28mA and below 28mA and below 10,000 hours (operating
current ≤ 28mA)
PS-N130 28KV
ZS-1850 30mA      28mA and below 28mA and below 10,000 hours (operating
current ≤ 28mA)
PS-N130 28KV

The above currents should be the actual currents displayed on the ammeter, which is in series connection with the cathode.

Incorrect operation of the CO2 laser tube may result in different consequences, including a change in color of the negative electrode after long term over-current use, and the service life will be
significantly reduced.

Please cover the high pressure protective housing with plastic wrap to prevent dust from disturbing the interior electrodes.

Cleaning Tips: Please do not use cotton swabs or other wipes to scrub the window on the CO2 laser tube. Doing so affects the output power.

The specified cleaning method for the window is as follows
1. When the lens is stained, turn off the laser tube.
2. Use an air dust blower to blow away dust and dirt on the lens.
3. Use a syringe to spray ethanol on the lens.
4. After the ethanol evaporates, turn the laser tube back on.
5. If the above methods do not work effectively, professionals are required, who will use a cotton swab dipped in ethanol to clean the lens in a rotating fashion away from the center, outwards to the edge.

The best method is to protect the window from contamination.

Special Notice
1. Do not use acetone to clean the glass.
2. Do not move the two fastening screws on both ends of the laser tube, otherwise, the output power will decrease, and the laser tube will be scraped.
3. When testing the light spot on organic glass, please keep the organic glass 300mm away from the window.

Safety: As the CO2 glass laser device generates invisible light, please wear eye protection gear when operating. A safety sign for high voltage is marked on the positive pole.